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Copywrite - The High Exhaulted (2002) / Hip-Hop

The High Exhaulted (2002)


Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Fugees ft. Stephen Marley - No Woman, No Cry @ YouTube

This Is The Goodest Re-Make Of The Greatest Song In The World "No Woman, No Cry"

X-Clan (One Track from New Album "Return From Mecca")

The legendary X-Clan return with new album....Album recorded at Suburban Noize Records....Album name "Return From Mecca"...Now you can download one track Weapon X and watch video....

X-Clan - Weapon X <---Download

Subnoize Souljaz

Subnoize Souljaz (2005)

1.Frontline (featuring all the Sub Noize artist mentioned above)
2.Keep a Look Out (Richter, D-Loc, JudgeD) 3.Crazy (Big B)
4.Soldiers Story (Judge D, Richter)
5.Summertime (Big B, Saint Dog, & Richter) 6.Dust to Dust (D-Loc, Judge D)
7.One by One (Tax Man, Judge D, Big B, Chucky)
8.P P P Pimp (Dirtball, Saint Dog, Just Cause)
9.Live Life Quick (Big B, Just Cause, Saint Dog)
10.We Bad (Dirtball, Chucky, Just Cause)
11.Let's Ride (featuring D-Loc, Richter, Brad X)
12.Sub Noize Tribe (Big B, Saint Dog, Judge D)
13.Push Up Ya Knucks (Dirtball, Daddy X)
14.Drama (featuring Saint Dog & Johnny Necro)
15.Never Gonna Hold Me Down(Richter, TJ Lavin)


Subnoize Souljaz: Droppin' Bombs (2006)

1. Here We Go Again – Big B, The Dirtball, Daddy X
2. Uncle Sam – Saint Dog, Daddy X, Judge D
3. Let Us Know – Big B, The Dirtball
4. Still Smokin – Feat. All the original Kings: D-Loc, Richter, Saint Dog, Daddy X
5. Mayday – Big B, The Dirtball, Daddy X
6. Get Em Up – Jared of (hed)pe, Big B, Daddy X, Chucky Styles, The Dirtball
7. Feels So Good – D-Loc
8. U Can Hate Me – Judge D, Chucky Styles, Big B
9. Set Me Free – Saint, Daddy X
10. One Life – Judge D, Daddy X, Richter
11. All Night Long – Big B, The Dirtball, Daddy X
12. Flyin High – Daddy X, Chucky Syles, The Dirtball, Pakelika
13. In The Trenches – Brother J, Judge D, Daddy X
14. Pull The Pin – The Dirtball, Saint Dog, Chucky Syles
15. Droppin Bombs – Feat. “Twizted” w/ The Dirtball. Daddy X, Big B
16. Locomotion – Brother J, Tristate, DaddyX
17. On The Rise – Big B , The Dirtball, Daddy X
18. Funny Feelins – DaddyX, The Dirtball, Saint Dog
19. We Are – One Session
20. Camp Radd - Last Laugh, Richter

Link: Download

Let Us Know – Big B, The Dirtball

Uncle Sam – Saint Dog, Daddy X, Judge D

Feels So Good – D-Loc

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tommy Tee

Tommy Tee, also known as Father Blanco, birth name Tommy Flaaten, is a Norwegian musician, record producer, broadcaster, record company owner, concert promoter and magazine publisher. Tee owns the label "Tee Productions", which is located in Oslo, Norway and is Norway's leading hip hop label. As well, he publishes Norway's only graffiti magazine and hosts a weekly national radio program.

Tommy Tee - Bonds, Beats & Beliefs (1998)

Link: Download

Happy New Year!!!

This Is The Last Post In This Year....And I Want Say 2 All People....Be Happy....All Your Dreamz Is Little Reality.....Happy New 2007 Year!!!!!

Watch My Favourite Song by My Favourite Band Kottonmouth Kings

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amatory (2 Videos) @ YouTube

Amatory - Преступление Против Времени

Amatory - Чёрно-Белые Дни

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blink 182 - All The Small Things @ YouTube

House Of Pain - Shamrocks & Shananigans (Butch Vig Remix) @ YouTube

La Coka Nostra (Everlast) - Jump Around (Live from Nokia Theatre) @ YouTube

Heltah Skeltah

Heltah Skeltah is a hip hop duo consisting of members Rock (aka Da Rockness Monstah) and Ruck (aka Sean Price). The two are members of New York Hip Hop supergroup Boot Camp Clik, along with Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun and O.G.C..
Heltah Skeltah debuted on Smif-N-Wessun's album Dah Shinin' in 1995, appearing on the tracks "Wontime", "Cession at da Doghillee" and "Let's Git It On". Later in 1995, they grouped up with fellow Boot Camp members O.G.C. to form The Fab 5, and released a surprise hit single, "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka". Out of The Fab 5 members, Rock and Ruck received the most amount of attention, due to their notable charisma and chemistry. The duo released their anticipated debut Nocturnal in June 1996, which included "Leflah", as well as the singles "Operation Lock Down" and "Therapy". The album sold over 250,000 copies in the United States, and has become a classic in the underground Hip Hop scene because of its grimy, basement sound and strong lyrics. The duo released a group album with the Boot Camp in 1997, then followed in 1998 with their sophomore effort Magnum Force. The album's lead single, "I Ain't Havin' That" (sampled from the A Tribe Called Quest track "Hot Sex"), became a Hot 100 hit. Despite the single's success, most critics slammed the album due to its lighter content. Ruck and Rock seemed disillusioned with their lack of sales, and split up soon after the Magnum Force album. Rock began having problems with Duck Down Records, and split with the label, signing to DJ Lethal's Lethal Records. He planned to release an album titled Planet Rock, but the label folded and the album disappeared. Sean Price stuck with the Camp for their sophomore group effort The Chosen Few in 2002. Heltah Skeltah reunited in 2005, making appearances on Sean Price's solo album Monkey Barz and Smif-N-Wessun's Tek N Steele: Reloaded. The duo continued work with the Boot Camp for their third group effort The Last Stand, released in July 2006. According to both members, they are also currently working on another Heltah Skeltah album, tentatively titled D.I.R.T., an acronym for Da Incredible Rap Team. Rock is also planning to release his solo debut, tentatively titled Monstah Music, sometime in 2007.

Nocturnal (1996)

1. Intro (Here We Come)
2. Letha Brainz Blo
3. Understand
4. Who Dat?
5. Sean Price
6. Clan's, Posse's, Crew's & Clik's
7. Therapy
8. Place To Be
9. Soldiers Gone Psycho
10. The Square (Triple R)
11. Da Wiggy
12. Gettin Ass Gettin Ass
13. Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
14. Prowl
15. Grate Unknown
16. Operation Lock Down
17. Bonus Track 1

Link: Download

Magnum Force (1998)
1. Worldwide (Rock The World)
2. Call Of The Wild
3. Gunz 'N Onez (Iz U Wit Me)
4. Perfect Jab
5. Call Tyrone (Skit)
6. Chika Woo
7. I Ain't Havin That
8. 2 Keys (Skit)
9. Brownsville II Long Beach
10. 2 Keys II
11. Magnum Force
12. 2 Keys III
13. Sean Wigginz
14. Forget Me Knots
15. Black Fonzirelliz
16. Do The Knowledge
17. MFC Lawz
18. Hold Your Head Up
19. Gang's All Here

Link: Download


Dynasty (2001)
01. Introduction
02. K.W.A.N
03. Padam
04. Microphoneaye
05. Late
06. Rock Da House
07. Micless MC
08. 247
09. Match In The Gastank
10. All My Love
11. U&I
12. Interlude
13. LPT-One Remix (Micless MC)
14. Remix By DJ Midas (Microphoeaye)
15. Tom-i Remix (Too late)
16. Globalization

Link: Download


The Donots are a punk band from Germany, formed in 1993 in Ibbenbüren.
The name of the band came into being by chance: The bassist of the band, Jan-Dirk Poggemann wanted to name the band like the pastries donuts, but he wrote the name the wrong way by mistake. The other band members liked the name, because they found their philosophy in the name (donots = do nothing, like slackers), so they retained the name. Very rarely the band calls themselves "Ibbtown Rockers" because of their provenance.

Ingo Knollmann (Vocalist) - since 1993
Guido Knollman (Guitar) - since 1993
Jan Dirk Poggemann (Bass Guitar) - since 1993
Eike Herwig (Drums) - since 1995
Alex Siebenbiedel (Guitar) - since 1996

Got The Noise (2004)
1.We Got The Noise
3.Wretched Boy
4.It's Over
6.Life Ain't Gonna Wait
7.Alright Now
8.Good-Bye Routine
9.Your Way Home
10.The Jerk Parade
11.Cough It Up
12.Better Days (Not Included)

Link: Download

Mower - Road Rage @ YouTube

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Amatory (2 Albums)

Вечно Прячеться Судьба (2003)
Link: Download

Неизбежность (2004)
Link: Download

Kottonmouth Kings - Sleepers @ YouTube

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Swollen Members - Lady Venom @ YouTube